The best restaurants of Paris

Hôtel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est

France is recognized around the world for the richness of its cuisine. Paris is the proof, since it has no less than 18,000 restaurants disseminated in its twenty districts.

Gastronomic restaurant

With 87 Michelin starred restaurants in 2015 including nine three stars, Paris is one of the cities with the most renowned chefs in the world. For lovers of refined cuisine, the choice is wide, real treat for your taste buds. We suggest you to discover the gastronomic M64 restaurant in the heart of the most exclusive area of Paris, whose cuisine is based on seasonal products.

Traditional restaurant

To discover the french terroir, Paris is full of traditional restaurants that make discover the typical dishes of Paris and France. Not far from the hotel is the restaurant Les Rillettes, which offers a menu with regional specialties in a rustic setting that reminds us of a country inn. Les Papilles is very friendly and as it is name suggests, it plays a lot on flavors. Simultaneously delicatessen store and wine cellar, it is in a fabulous old Parisian decoration that you can taste authentic dishes like snails, sweetbreads or duck foie gras, or opt for the menu “retour de marché”.

Unusual restaurant

Ideal to surprise your spouse, several atypical restaurants have taken place in the capital. Why not enjoy a glass of wine while visiting the city of lights? With the Bustronome, it is possible and you will be amazed with its imperial bus. Unless you prefer to eat in absolute darkness to awaken the senses and guess the ingredients that are on the plate, in this case opt for the restaurant Dans le Noir.
To take refuge from the city, Il Cottage is a mixture of lounge terrace, Italian restaurant and chalet that offers us for a moment, to forget the urban stress in the middle of bamboo. You can also choose from one of the many cabarets in Paris (around 4.3 Paris at night) to enjoy your menu in front of a spectacular show filled with rhinestones and glitter.