The air-conditioned rooms and suites at the hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est

Hôtel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est

Welcoming you in an air-conditioned environment that guarantees you a well-being whatever the season, this is our objective and this is why we proposing 28 rooms and suites air-conditioned for you.

Air-conditioned room: comfort above all

Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est is the hotel of the four seasons: at all times, you will find a comfortable place, at a regulated temperature for your comfort and your well-being.
What a great time to visit Paris in the summer! Yes, but sometimes the temperatures can climb to unsuspected degrees. It is therefore essential that you can rest and sleep in an environment where the air conditioning allows you to decline the temperature and enjoy a good and fresh night.
You will have many activities to do in autumn: in September, the Heritage Days or “Journées du Patrimoine” in French, the artistic sleepless night in October… in short terms, despite of a more capricious weather, you will have a warm room when you’ll get back at the hotel. After having admire the magnificent illuminated windows on a drive, you will return to your room as in a hot cocoon.
In the springtime, Paris is dressed in its finest colors, sublimated by the rays of the sun that start to appear, although the days are still a little bit fresh, they way more pleasant to stroll … you will appreciate the sweet temperature of your suite by returning from your getaway.

A regulated temperature in all seasons

The air conditioning, an extraordinary comfort so that everyone can enjoy the best of his nights. You will be able to adjust the air conditioning of your room or suite according to your sensation: the setting of the ambient temperature, the speed for a more or less intense use.
Because air conditioning must also rhyme with safety, our air conditioning systems are installed and maintained by professionals. This guarantees you a healthy and environmentally friendly use: you can even stop it when you are not in the room to contribute to the respect of the planet.