Hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est near the Canal Saint-Martin

Hôtel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est, Paris

Very close to the hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est, you can stroll along the canal Saint Martin and enjoy a pleasant and bucolic stroll along the banks.

The Canal Saint Martin historical monument in Paris

The Canal Saint Martin connects the Parc de la Villette to the Arsenal’s marina. It was inaugurated in 1825 and beforehand designed for the drinking water supply of the Parisians during Napoleon’s era.
Composed of several basins separated by nine locks, the canal Saint Martin is about 4.5 km. You will also be able to admire its two swing bridges allowing the boats to circulate on its peaceful waters and on its many Venetian’s gateways. Bordered by hundred-year-old trees on the Valmy’s quays and Jemmapes and crossed by bridges and gateways of the XIXème century, the canal crosses the 10th and 11th arrondissements.

Although used for a few years for the transport of goods by the barges, it is now only dedicated to the pleasure of the tourists and inhabitants of Paris. It has a unique flora and fauna in the heart of Paris: ducks of course, but also wagtails, birds. Since 1993 it has been classified as a historic monument.

The historical and unusual charm of the Canal Saint Martin just a step away from the hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est

You will be able to embark on one of the boats for a romantic and tourist excursion while enjoying, at the water’s edge, the bucolic landscapes that offer the quays. You will cross different districts of Paris and will appreciate to have a different view than in simple pedestrian. You will even forget that you are in full Paris so the scenery is total! A veritable bracket enchanted in the tumult of the city.

Why not surprise your half by organizing a small picnic at the water’s edge? The banks offer pretty peaceful places inviting to idleness. Very popular with local residents, walks along the banks of the canals are part of the Parisian art of living. Enjoy your stay at the hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est to stroll along the quayside and its shady banks. You will find plenty of small shops, restaurants or small typical parisians bistros. Enjoy a meal or a drink with your feet in the water!

The staff at the hotel Le Marcel Paris Gare de l’Est are at your disposal to guide you and make sure that you can organize your trips easily.